High Media Infotainment India Ltd. is the most promising advertisement & Media company operative since 2005. The company specialises in carrying out advertisement campaigns through different platforms such as Television, FM Radio, and Newspaper. High Media is also empanelled with Information & Cultural Affairs Department of Government of West Bengal & Bureau of Outreach & Communication Department of Govt. Of India for executing different advertisement campaigns of various govt. departments.

This apart, High Media is a holder of Multi-system Operator’s (MSO) Licence issued by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. Of India which enables it to own & operate multiple cable systems. To know more visit

Milan Srijan Milan Srijan

“Milan Srijan” is an NGO registered  under The West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961. It works for the economically weaker section of the society with an objective to strengthen their socio-economic status.  From establishing school for imparting moral, cultural values, rational thinking& granting financial aid to students to providing employment opportunities to its radio station in Jhargram, Milan Srijan is constantly doing its bit that requires building a healthy nation. In order to keep pace with the digitalized education system in today’s, time, Milan Srijan has also established computer education institution with the support of Government of West Bengal.

Besides, it also actively supports conservation of environment, wildlife, natural resources through its myriads of social activities. In an initiative to make us aware about the inseparable bond between Human & Nature, Milan Srijan publishes a popular nature & wildlife magazine named Banyapran which affirms our commitment to nature, wildlife conversation and environment protection. To know more visit


Hacker Blog Oyun Hileleri

Hacker Blog Oyun Hileleri